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Do’s and Don’t: Think you Might have an STD?

Think you might have a sexually transmitted disease? and you would like to know what you should do. So, the question is what should I do if I think I have an STD?


STD-related worries & anxiety in the minds of couple

Here’s the deal for anyone else who thinks they might have an STD

1) The first thing you want to do or have to do is Stop engaging in any type of sexual activity. because you could easily infect someone else.

2) Visit an std testing nearby provider, so you can be tested getting tested is the only way you can know for sure and the way to get treatment now

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these are two very easy things. To do that is the actions are simple it’s no big deal to stop sexual activity and it’s no big deal to go to a doctor. However, they anxiety these actions might cause will be a big deal. In fact, they are quite common in many people, people feel anxious when going to get tested.But they are glad they did it afterward stopping sexual activity meaning you have to tell your partner you are stopping and he or she is going to want to know why?? It is best, to be honest, and open with your partner about your concerns.

Where do you go if you think you have an STD?

 This can be hard since you may feel embarrassment shame or even anger. Use your communication skills to clearly and confidently state the situation. You might even go to a health care provider together in order to get to the bottom of your concerns. Speaking of health care providers some people may also be embarrassed to tell a doctor they think they might have an STI.

This is stigma and can keep you from getting the help you need. Get over it when you go to the doctor. Your doc will likely do a few simple things, the doctor will ask questions and run some tests.

The two most common tests are  a) urine test and b) a body fluid swab both are relatively painless some doctors will want to do a blood test as well to check for other types of STI like HIV.

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The doc will tell you the results. Treat you if you have something and provide counseling and information about prevention.

In most cases, doctors have to keep everything you tell them privately. In fact in all states in US doctor’s are allowed to test you for an STD without your parent’s permission.

It is best, to be honest with your doctor this means being honest about a) whether or not you’ve had sex and b) what types of sex you’ve had. If the doctor has to guess what is going on, then you might not be diagnosed correctly.

This would be bad and a total waste of time.Remember, if you think you have an STI stop compare symptoms and pictures  and see a Doctor