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STD rise during Valentine: How would you tackle it successfully?

With Valentine’s day approaching next week, it brings the feeling of togetherness, Love, romance and along with them, comes an unwanted companion known as STDs. The romantic holiday also can result in an increase in the number of people who contract sexually transmitted infection. There are numbers to back the claim.

STD rise during Valentine’s day stats

As per survey an agency named Kindara, it seems that most women really do want sex for Valentine’s Day. It can be a good news for some guys but its also a very good news for STD virus. More the sexual encounter, more the chances of contraction.

Based on the survey by a condom company SKYN, Valentine’s day is one of the most sexual or say love making day of the year. It states that around 68% of the people between the age group of 24 to 34 years want or desire to have sex during Valentine’s day. Thus increasing the odds, that is, 6 out of 10 will potentially get an STD for the first time.

If that’s not worse as per data by CDC,  that young people ages 15 – 24 account for half of the 2 million sexually transmitted infections that occur annually.

Study confirms the relationship between Valentine’s day and STD

It’s not just that the surveys are blaming Valentine’s day for the rise in STD. Iris Berry, STD program director for suburban Cook County, suggests the rise they notice everytime ranges from anywhere 25 to 40 percent. “you do see peaks,” Berry said.We always see it after a long weekend or a holiday. The whole idea of Valentine’s Day says sex to some people. At some level, they’ll want to be physically close to another human being.”

In terms of monetary loss. As per the Centers for Disease Control released a new report this month revealing the U.S. health care system handles roughly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections annually, costing the nation $15.6 billion. This amount is in the form of the amount spent for research, scientific studies of curing STD, treatments, and STD testing cost.

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What can be done to protect yourself against STD this Valentine’s day?

Anticipate sexual encounter

As from the data above it is clear that Valentine’s day is one of the most sexual days of the year, you should Anticipate sexual encounter during that day. Also, not to forget carrying birth controls will also help

Better to know sexual health and history of your partner.

For new couples or the couple’s who have just begun sexual activity the advantage of anticipating sexual encounter is tremendous. They can be much better prepared for it. Know your partner more his sexual history, health or get yourself tested for STDs if either of you is unsure.

Carry and use protection while having sex

You are expected to use condom/dental dams during the sexual act. Although not foolproof, the use of condoms reduces the chances of being contracted by STD. So carry it all along who knows when you ‘ll need it.

Avoid access Alcohol and drug

In a study, it was investigated that binge drinking (consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time) is associated with risky sexual behaviors and STDs. Alcohol consumption or drug influence is associated with risky sexual behaviors, including unprotected sexual intercourse and multiple sex partners.

Get yourself tested

Shit happens right, and maybe it’s your first sexual encounter or you are new into a relationship, you can never predict anything about a person’s sexual health, so the best way is to get tested.

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