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At home STD testing, they are safe, accurate and FDA approved.

Looking for a quick way to get tested for STDs? There are several options to choose from. One popular option is to purchase an over-the-counter STD test. These tests can be purchased at places like Walgreens and Walmart etc. These are at home STD testing kits for HIV, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and hepatitis.


Old school STD home test kits and their downside

These over-the-counter STD test kits can be a popular option if you don’t want to go to your doctor or local STD testing center for an STD test. Since going to your doctor may be a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Now the downside to choosing an over-the-counter STD test kit from a local pharmacy are as follows

  1. You still have to go to one of the pharmacies and ask them if they have STD test kit.
  2. You have to choose what STD testing kit you need which can be confusing and also embarrassing.
  3. You need to make sure the tests are FDA approved.
  4. Not all over-the-counter test kits are accurate for it’s always recommended that you test for all major STDs and that would mean you would have to buy several test kits.
  5. Availability with the pharmacy: Check if the pharmacy even has a test kit for all the most common STD’s.
  6. You have to make sure that you’re following the directions correctly to ensure accurate results

There are a few alternative STD testing options that will take away the uncertainty as we mentioned and give you the peace of mind that you need without any uncomfortable conversations or confusion.


New age home STD testing kit: overcoming all obstacles to comply (FDA approved)


The new age STD testing kits has overcome all the obligation and now comply to the strict FDA laws for STD testing. The companies move ahead claiming its test accuracy, being on-par with the accuracy of any lab testing results

Manufacturer’s details : Made by Mylabox. It is the first and only company that allows it to test for STDs nationwide from the comfort of home. The box has instructions and process explained in such a way that a person can literally do with his or her test in 5 mins.

Time of deliver : 1 day delivery, where ever possible.(through Amazon Prime)

Box constituents:  Comes in a very colorful package very unsuspecting but it really holds the key to your sexual health privacy. A precise, self-explanatory process manual, one tube for the urine sample and you have the swab sample thing and it even comes with priority mail. So you just only have to order it get the test done in 5 mins and send the samples to the lab.


Home STD testing Procedure

Step 1 : Order : They ‘ve made it as easy as possible so literally you just have to go to their website here and you can find information there and all our available test options. I put in chlamydia gonorrhea trick HIV all of the usual suspects and the most prominent sexual infections that you are exposed to today.

Step 2 : Take samples: Once you sign up on their website you will receive your kit in a package that is unmarked so nobody will know what you’re ordering. The next step is to send samples

There are three types of samples which may require (not all are necessary every time) a small urine sample, vaginal swab, or few drops of blood pricked from your fingure. The type of sample required for may differ for different STDs.The STDs for which you’re testing will determine what sample the lab will require. (for chlamydia & gonorrhea you may just need to send your urine sample).

You can take the test and literally from opening the box through reading all the instructions to doing the actual test and filling out this form. It takes you under five minutes time .

Step 3 : Sending the box to the labs for testing : They sample are sent to the certified labs for testing. In the kit, you got everything for that. It even comes with a with the self-addressed and comes with priority mail and everything so other than the charge you’re gonna pay on the website you will not need to pay for any additional shipping to or from the lab.


Complementary Service

Also, you will receive in case you test positive, a complimentary consultation with an STD professional as well as a free tele medicine consultation with a physician who can prescribe you to get treated right away.

So literally, from testing to the treatment they have made the shortest possible path available for people

The whole idea of Home testing kit is to avail STD testing from home so rather than dealing with an uncomfortable doctor, or office visits or time spent away from work you can do this in your break, you can do this at home, you can do it after hours, you really are in control.


Home STD testing Result

The results are ready just as fast as the Box arrived so within about 2 to maximum 3 days you will have your results available online in your account and you can take a look and see if what your status.

Its not just for someone who feels embarrassed visiting an STD testing clinics and having a word with the doctor even before getting test. If you’re somebody who travels a lot, this would be really good because if you are in a new city where I can’t get out one to find a clinic two to get to a clinic, so if this could also be a really useful option if you just can’t get home to your usual provider or lab. You can order this anywhere.

About which over-the-counter STD test kit you need to click the link to find out how you can get tested for all the most common STD’s quickly and privately.  We have two options 1) You can order your tests online and either get tested in the comfort of your home. 2) You can choose local same-day STD testing services by putting in your zip code.

It includes: HIV (I & II), Hepatitis C, Herpes type-II, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma genitalium, HPV (optional $30 add-on for women 30 years of age and older).