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California reaches all time high in STD. Know why?


In The latest statistics, doctors are pointing to several factors as the reason for the vast increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). One of the most prominent are the dating apps. According to doctors, they are promoting a hook-up culture. According to the latest report from the California Department of Public Health more than 300,000 cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were documented in 2017. Officials say this is a whopping 45 % increase from only 5 years ago a concerning factor. The department pointed to was the number of stillbirths happening as a result of syphilis.

Why are dating apps being blamed for the rise in STDs?

Dating Apps Are Being Blamed For The Rise Of STDs experts are claiming CDC latest numbers year-over-year numbers as syphilis numbers rose 18%. Apps like tinder which makes 26 million matches 1.5 million dates a week and that is causing a lot of concern.So, what’s happening when you are with somebody and you may never see them again (after a sexual encounter), should somebody get infected with an STD you may not be telling them. So, it’s spreading around without you even knowing.

Also, the factor that you’re meeting people like that and getting jumping into a relationship without getting to know something about their background. All is not bad, there was an article published on USA Today, also said that gay dating apps like Grindr. This app has been increasingly allowing people to indicate STD information. It is also allowing for more resources, so that is a preventative resource that allows people to educate themselves and to be aware of.

Officials predict the numbers for 2017 to be even higher.

  • Alaska, Louisiana and Mississippi had the most cases of chlamydia per capita.
  • Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia ranked the highest for gonorrhea.
  • The District of Columbia, Louisiana and New York reported the most cases of syphilis in rural areas

Health professionals point to closures of smaller clinics as part of the reason for the rise in STDs. Also, lesser concerns of using protection and promiscuous behavior stemming from the internet or all examples doctors gave as reasons for the spike. Doctors stress that some STDs can be treated with antibiotics so getting the care you need early on is critical.For good health and now the Health Department in California is working with the Department of Education to help educate kids in schools early on about STD prevention in Los Angeles.

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What would be the remedy?

  1. Reduce or avoid the use of dating apps as they encourage casual encounters which results in casual sex(often unprotected)
  2. Use protection: Always use condoms, that will really help you in preventing STDs (although they are not foolproof)
  3. Know the sexual history of your partner, stay clear on his medical history (on STDs if any).
  4. Get tested regularly: If you are sexually active, it is advisable to get tested after 6 months or immediately when you have new partner.