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7 STD symptoms that most women ignore

A lot of times when we talk about STDs, we joke about burning and itching. There are actually six surprising signs that you might have an STD and not know it. We really wanted to bring this up because a few weeks ago, we talked about the fact that most people actually don’t get tested. So, in addition to some of these warning signs are just important things to hopefully get you guys the doctor and get tested. If you are sexually active because that is just an important necessary maintenance tip in your sex life a couple of these things that we want to go through.

So here are the 7 most common STD symptoms that most women ignore be careful out there.

Itching or rash

if you notice that your genital area is itchy or inflamed take note it could be a form of vulval dermatitis an allergic reaction to anything from condoms to shower gel. A rash could also be a symptom of herpes which appears as small red bumps or whitish blisters. Symptoms of herpes can vary from person to person, so sometimes people don’t even know that they have it. Best to have anything out of the ordinary checked out in an STD testing  Clinic.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Healthy vaginal discharge is clear cloudy to yellowish and is perfectly normal. However, discharge that is greenish yellow frothy or white and lumpy is cause for concern. These could be symptoms for something as simple as a yeast infection or as serious as gonorrhea. If you notice a change in the color smell or consistency of your vaginal discharge you should probably make an appointment to see your doctor.

No symptoms

Believe it or not, having no symptoms doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Many STDs are asymptomatic, meaning you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary a good example is HPV. This is why it’s so important to get regular checkups and STD screenings once a year to make sure everything is okay.

Painful Urination

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Painful urination, if you get a burning sensation when you pee, it’s definitely time to see the doctor. It could be the symptom of a simple urinary tract infection but it could also be something more serious like chlamydia gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. If you’re noticing painful urination.


Don’t attempt to wait it out irregular bleeding spotting. Light bleeding between periods could be attributed to many things. Improper use of birth control menopause or hormonal imbalance but abnormal bleeding can also be a symptom of STDs like genital warts or even cervical cancer. Since it’s such a normal thing for most women to spot during their menstrual cycle, it may be something easy to overlook.

Lower abdominal pain

Like pelvic inflammatory disease and couple of other ones(Gonorrhea), it can actually migrate (this obviously is this is geared toward female) kind of up from your vagina and into like your uterus and your fallopian tubes and that’s why if it’s left untreated can cause fertility problems later in life. So if you’re having lower abdominal pain there is a chance that it’s a sign of one of those things.

Painful sexual Intercourse

Women experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, if the chlamydia infection reaches the fallopian tubes of women it may cause bleeding abnormalities in between menstrual periods, nausea and fever.

All the above symptoms may lead to STD, although no one can affirm this, its ignorance can be fatal, especially when the ramifications are so dreadful.

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