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Clare County: Rise in STDs caused by dating apps


Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Clark County. Health experts are pointing to the popularity of dating apps in social media. As part of the problem according to the Southern Nevada Health District from 2013 to 2014, it can be noticed that in just one year

  • Cases of chlamydia climbed 18%
  • Gonorrhea grew by 33 percent
  • Syphilis jumped 48 percent

How the link between dating and social media is it’s at least part of the problem?

Many of these dating apps that are out there now like tinder, for example, you can pretty much connect and meet up with almost anyone immediately without seeing more than just their picture or their age. Experts warn the next time you decide to swipe right you may want to think twice about what that move could mean for your sexual health down the road.

From tinder and Grindr to OkCupid and plenty of free dating apps are now popping everywhere. Many youngsters are clicking on for casual sexual encounters. Many times with people they have never met before. People, especially the younger generation are just kind of living for the thrill of it. what new statistics showing sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise across the country. Health experts say we need to take a more serious look at casual sex and technology. We also have people that are 40 and 50 years old that are hooking up on social media.

UMC chief of staff Dr. Dale Carson says, “similar to when birth control pills came into play half a century ago, social media is now helping to boost new cases of STDs”. This means serious long-term health consequences especially with the nearly 50% jump in syphilis here in Southern Nevada. Once you have it, it’s always in your blood.