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Montgomery County: STD Cases On The Rise


Sexually transmitted disease a conversation many people are not too comfortable talking about. The doctors say that may be contributing to the problem. They say Montgomery County has some of the highest STD cases in the state.

  • Painful discharge
  • discolored discharge
  • abdominal pain

All signs that you may have a sexually transmitted disease and if you live in Montgomery County you may want to be on high alert.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a problem all over the US all over but STDs are particularly high in Montgomery County. Doctor Tim Jones is with the Department of Health and tells us that Montgomery County has a lower than the average number of people being diagnosed with HIV. Curable STDs are on the rise. Gonorrhea and chlamydia which are the two most common sexually transmitted diseases are higher in Montgomery County. There are ways to stop the problem from spreading.

The biggest issue is just having folks that are at risk going and get tested and get appropriate treatment. Dr. Jones tells us Fort Campbell soldiers may play a role in the higher number of sexually transmitted diseases in Montgomery County. There’s any time when there’s a larger military community, these are often populations that move around a lot and may have higher risk sexual behavior and so that’s one potential contributor to the higher rates in Montgomery County.

Also, it has a substantial young population, in fact, the youngest in the state it’s a problem but one that can be treated and prevented. The best way to protect yourself from catching an STD is to wear condoms properly during any sexual activities and to get tested if you start to feel any unusual symptoms