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STD testing at Home

Sexual transmitted Diseases often brings with itself, social stigma and emotional stress. Unless confirmed or until it is confirmed, an individual to looks out for private STD testing options. Although, almost every STD testing center today adhere to strict privacy norms (HIPAA Privacy rules establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information).


Why STD testing at home?

Some people are still not comfortable and want STD testing to be conducted in their homes. This brings the advent of STD testing kits.There are quite a few companies out there providing with STD testing kit. Today we reviewed, what is considered to be the best in the business


STD testing kit with accessories


It’s not just that privacy is the concern, people are uncomfortable while giving their blood and urine samples to others, inside the clinic. They prefer testing it themselves, which can be understood and respected.


Often we had been asked about over the counter STD test kits about its privacy and accuracy parameters.It is as safe and accurate any STD testing nearby. These home STD testing labs too adhere to HIPAA privacy rules.


How does STD testing at home works?

STD testing at home works explained in steps

  • Taking the Samples: From the comfort of your home: So testing is done at home with instruction guide provided.
  • Mailing your samples: You need to mail your samples, a postage-paid return box is included in your kit.
  • Results: After you mail your samples, you can expect result in 3-5days online.
  • Free consultation and a prescription is the part of few STD kit providers.


Is there a different testing kit for male and different females? What does the STD home testing kit include?

Yes, while ordering the kit, one should mention the gender.

The kit contains the following:

  • Urine collections kit for men or vaginal swab for females
  • A finger prick to collect blood sample
  • Instruction manual
  • STD testing by mail: Postage paid return box to mail in your samples
  • Register and login credentials to review results online


Benefits of STD home testing kit?

  • Testing from the comfort of your home, by yourself. So no privacy issues.
  • STD testing per STD: If you think you know the symptoms of STD or by image comparison, order testing kit for that STD alone.
  • FDA approved STD kits
  • Cost effective option: One or all STD testing kits are available in the market
  • Free Consultations: One-day physician phone consultations.

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