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How not to get an STD?

A very basic question for preventing sexually transmitted disease has a very basic answer. Get the basics of STD prevention right.

  1. Use of Condoms: Never miss to wear latex condom, everytime you had sex. It could be a new partner, stranger or anyone. Protection is a must, don’t take chances.
  2. Avoid sharing of underclothings: This is especially for the disease like herpes or syphilis, these STDs can also spread without sexual contacts and by simply coming in contact with body fluids.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene: Wash your genitals before and after sexual intercourse or activity. This may sound simple but it is essential to avoid the presence of body fluids (which may be infected) longer inside you.
  4. Get vaccinated: There are certain sexually transmitted disease which can be avoided through vaccination, Hepatitis B is one of them
  5. Avoid excessive intake of Drug or alcohol: People who are drunk or on drugs often fail to have safe sex mentioned above.
  6. Sexual abstinence: Practice sexual abstinence whenever possible, avoid casual sexual encounters.
  7. Get tested: Get tested for STD, before entering into a new relationship, after having sex with the person whose sexual health/past you are not aware of.

How can I Prevent Spreading an STD?

To prevent spreading STD to someone else

  1. Stop having sex until you see a doctor, and are treated
  2. Use condom, always, be it a new partner or an old partner
  3. Don’t resume having sex until the doctor clears you this is because some STDs are asymptotic (shows no signs after a while but not gone) until they are in the advanced stages. (Example: Syphilis)
  4. Some disease has to be tested between a gap of a fix time interval, for example in HIV testing. During the window period, a person can be infected with HIV and be very infectious but still test HIV negative.
  5. Make sure that your sexual partner has been cured or not infected presently.