Difference between Herpes (STD) vs Genital grains vs pimples (or Ingrown hair cyst)

A painful bump shows up on your lips, hand or groin you might wonder if it’s a pimple or an ingrown hair or herpes or some other peculiar growth. The best answer to this question comes from a medical provider who can do an examine and run tests. But there are ways to find the difference between an STD and a pimple.
To spot the difference between herpes pimples are genital grains is tricky, especially when Genital herpes and genital pimples have similar characteristics which often appear as small lumps filled with pus on the skin. But there are several ways based on the symptoms and appearances with which you can easily make out the difference between the two.
Pimples occur when dirt or oils block the pores of your skin, this causes red bumps filled with white pus accumulated in the pore that appears on the skin. Genital herpes is the result of a sexually transmitted infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. Unlike pimples, herpes bulges tend to be clear or yellow in color and are filled with a clear liquid.

Genital pimples

Pimples can appear one at a time or in small clusters vs in case of herpes they appear in a big group. In general, they are perfectly round and appear in recognizable patterns.
If you wear a sports belt or tight underwear the shins can go or the strap or underwear clogged your pores. Pimples feel firm if you prick or pinch them they may become filled with white pus that becomes dark when exposed to air. They may also bleed or shed they’re quite fluid if they become scratched or irritated.

What causes Genital pimples?

Pimples cause due to bad eating habits, so if you’ve been eating a lot of dairy or high glycemic foods such as white bread and potatoes. But they’re also connected to puberty more sebum is excreted during puberty, so there’s more oil on your skin collecting and possibly trapping the dirt in your pores. One thing you can do is change your eating habits, another is to improve your hygiene. In many cases, though people get help from doctors because their pimples need more attention than a behavior change the doctor may prescribe creams or other medications to manage the pimples.

Herpes vs ingrown hair cyst (pimple)

What you need to know is that pimples are not the only explanation for bumps on your groin ingrown hairs are like pimples but they’re a little bit more of a hassle because somewhere in them there’s a hair coiled up or growing sideways. Ask yourself if you’ve shaved waxed plucked or naired recently.
Even though ingrown hairs can happen when your pubes are natural and flowing it’s more likely that a hair will grow in toward the body. If it’s growing back after being removed if you want to need help there healthcare professionals who can assist you to let them know that you think you have an ingrown pubic hair and they’ll guide you from there.

Genital herpes

You can have the herpes simplex virus for years without experiencing any symptoms. During a herpes outbreak, you will notice small regular painful blisters filled with clear fluid. The blisters may appear in groups and may also appear in your rectum and mouth. The blisters tend to feel soft. Other symptoms of an outbreak may include headaches pain swollen lymph nodes high fever (of usually 101 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher and pain or tingling in the legs. It is always recommended to get tested for Herpes, even in-case of slightest doubt, as ignoring the symptoms may result in the virus advancing further and an individual may likely to spread it further


When herpes blisters break the fluid will spill and may cause more pain the blisters may not heal for four weeks. You can have an outbreak at any time after contracting the virus.

Other symptoms of herpes

  • After the first outbreak, the symptoms are usually less severe but they can still be painful. They tend to come back on the same part of the penis scrotum thighs buttocks around the anus labia and/or vagina
  • You came in contact with someone who has herpes either through oral-genital or anal play
  • Generally, the first symptom is a tingling or itchiness which you’re not going to scratch
    The bump might not go away before getting much worse

Pimples on genitals (Vagina)

Grains in the vagina, the skin of the vagina is very delicate and it is one of the most sensitive parts of the female skin. We should always be aware of any change or irregularity that appears as the stain, rash, color change, irritation allergy inflammation, and pimples.

What are the causes of pimples in the vagina?

The pimples in the vagina are small pimples that usually appear on the vagina lips and although they can be caused by common shaving they could also be a symptom of the presence of some vaginal fungus.

Few more explanation for the bumps might include the following

  • Razor burn
  • Skin tags: a Harmless growth of skin
  • Blood vessel: A bulge in a blood vessel
  • Swollen or Infected glands
  • Molluscum contagiosum: Tiny bumps caused by a virus
  • Warts: human papillomavirus (HPV) another infection that’s easily transmitted from skin-to-skin contact
  • Melanoma: A skin cancer that can appear on and around your genitals
  • Syphilis: A fastest growing STD as per the latest CDC’s report on STD,  which is curable if you get help and life-threatening if you don’t

Treatment for herpes pimples and genital Grains

Treatment options vary depending on whether a person has pimples or herpes treatment of pimples. In general, it is not necessary to treat the genital pimples with more than good hygiene practices such as cleaning the genital area more thoroughly or more frequently.
One to face herpes is to go through the cycle of an outbreak which can last day or weeks. The sores will enlarge then start weeping clear fluid you may feel rundown and irritable like you have a fever. You may feel some sensations of burning definitely discomfort but the sores will crust over with a yellow scab eventually fall off on their own. Your groin will go back to normal.
Another option is to go to your doctor or walk-in-clinic-now to confirm detection. Herpes treatment on the other hand usually requires medical intervention a doctor will typically prescribe antiviral medications. To fight herpes infection people should take the recommended doses they usually prescribe Acyclovir or Valacyclovir. These are pills that don’t get rid of the sores but do cut the time in half. Also, it is recommended to avoid having sex, completely, until the outbreak is completely gone.