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Many of our clients inquire about ways to find free STD testing clinic nearby. Today we are going to dig deeper into this topic and so we made ‘Pay out of Pocket’ techniques, these techniques show 7 ways to get Free / Affordable testing. As the latest CDC report indicated a drastic rise in STD cases, people are searching for alternative & ways for Free STD screening. If it is a Free or paid STD testing center near you they have their own advantages & disadvantages like in Paid STD testing you don’t have to wait in long queues, fast test, fast results etc. So, let’s get in right there.


1: Public or Government Hospitals


Free STD testing is provided on eligibility requirement, refer this website from the City of where they offer a free screening of the most common sexually transmitted disease which includes Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and HIV. Although it is free, the negative aspect is that the patient is served on first come first serve bases and is limited number of tests each day so there is no guarantee of getting tested even after waiting in a long queue. Also, some tests are not free (STI/HIV Screening), but they charge a nominal fee. Although many services are provided by the reputed source like City of New York or Chicago etc. It is essential to know the source of the STD testing service to have that trust factor and peace of mind.


2: Free STD Testing: Use Insurance

Go for Paid STD testing service and pay using your insurance

Go for Paid testing service, claim your insurance and avail all the advantages of Private std testing without spending anything. Click on the link to find the walk-in STD clinics near you which accept insurance. There are more advantages using this mode of testing like 15-20 mins testing time with no queues, almost all types of STDs are covered, results in 2-3 days etc.

Here are few options to consider in this mode.

Note : This may not be the absolutely free method of getting tested but still a better one as you get all the paid facility for nominal charges.

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4: Home STD Testing

Using home testing kits may or may not be a free option, like when you purchase home Testing kit from Amazon. But there are free std testing kits distributed by Community groups and Planned Parenthood also home STD testing can be relatively less expensive compared to the conventional STD testing cost.

Free STD kits are not easy to get as that requires a patient to qualify (qualification depends on economic condition) and even if one does qualify the kit is for only a single STD testing based on symptoms.

It is not as if everything is bad with the Testing kits, they are easy to use, gives fast results,  you can test yourself in the comfort of home without thinking about privacy issues etc.


5 Pay using HSA / FSA Account

There are some STD clinics which accept debit card payments linked to Health Savings (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). There the testing is approved for these accounts.

There are several benefits of using this method. 1) Get all the advantages of Paid service 2) Get additional 10% discount

Use your HSA / FSA Account here, ‘Click on ‘Payment Option’

6 Pay using Visa or American Express Gift cards

If you have a Visa or American Express gift card, you can still redeem it to avail STD test. This STD testing clinic provides all the advantages of paid STD testing services and they also accept gift cards as a payment option is a way to go. Click on the link provided and go to ‘payment option’.

STD testing clinic that accepts gift card


7: STD Testing  Discounts

This option is certainly not free, but if you want the comforts of paid service and still don’t want to pay heavily the following are discount coupons for the paid service offered by America’s most reputed and trusted STD testing clinics chain.

List of Premium Paid STD testing services offering discounts

STD Check : $10 off on your order

STDExpress : $25 off cart

I'm STD Free, $25 off your order

 Compare Free vs Paid STD Test

Paid STD Testing Free STD Testing
Insurance can be availed on testing Insurance, Not applicable
Easy, essentially painless blood or urine sample. Uncomfortable, invasive (and often painful) swabbing.
Test cost as low as $24 Test requires eligibility
Results on Secure online account Results are delivered on Phone
4,000+ labs across the country Limited No of Labs, required qualification
We offer, Affordable HIV test HIV testing, Payment based on payscale
Appointments not required, Just 5 minutes lab visit for testing. Appointment required, wait time applicable.
Get result in 1-2 days 1-2 Weeks to result