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How to prevent STDs after exposure?

STD symptoms are always alarming, especially when they come even after taking necessary precaution. People are scared of STD not only because of the harm it causes such as loss of fertility, marks of the body etc.but also because of social stigma glued to it. There is also the fact that, what may appear as STD may not be the STD in real. This article guides you to the things you can do immediately after you discover STD like symptoms.

Not to Panic

First and foremost, you should not panic as few symptoms of STD may not be the STD itself. They include the rashes on Penis or vagina. There are multiple conditions that can cause a rash on the penis or in the groin area. Rashes are commonly itchy and can be caused by something as simple as an irritation to certain soaps or something as complex as an infection caused by a fungus, or even pubic lice, let alone STD. So panicking can only make matter stressful and will leave you worried.

Get tested for STD

You need to overcome the shock you just receive and immediately go for STD screening to make sure if, what you think is what you got. Know what are some common symptoms of std? and get tested accordingly. There are many STD testing centers out there, some are free of cost, while some STD testing centers accept insurance, some even offer discounts, thus making a cheap STD testing option available with the facilities of premium service. Whichever STD testing service you opt is ok.

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Have a Conversation with your Partner

If tested positive, have an open conversation with your partner. Talk to him/her about symptoms and possibility of contraction (if you know or doubt). The more you hide, the more you complicate things for both, you and your partner. Moving apart can not always be the option, although contraction of STD drastically increases the rate of break-up in couples.

Before jumping on to any conclusion on each other’s character and loyalty you should keep this thing in mind that not all STD spreads through sexual contact, few STD remains in hibernated, before the outburst. Conversation is the key to continue being in a relationship and to fight STD.


Take Ownership

It has been observed in many case studies and physiological research related to STD that there is a link between STD, Depression and Mental health. Taking the responsibility or even accepting things (faults) can reduce the psychological pain of STD. So take pride in the ownership.


Know your partner’s STD history


As the conversation has began and ownership has been taken, the foremost important thing to find out is if your partners sexual history is clear.Most of us has a sexual past. It makes you the person you are today.If your sexual history has some patches of STD, it can be hard to broach the subject, but it’s still something that has to be discussed—especially since some infections (like herpes and HPV) are not full-proof of the protection (Condom).


Sexual abstinence

This has more to do with preventing the spread of disease,  as a precautionary measure one should practice abstinence from sexual activity (anal, vaginal or oral) till the time, you get tested to confirm or till you fully recover from the treatment. You love your partner and you would never like your partner to suffer from any disease because of you. So the best practice when in uncertainty is abstinence from sex.


Get Treated

Although there are few incurable STDs like herpes, HIV, human papillomavirus (HPV) Hepatitis B etc. many STDs can be cured or at-least can be treated or kept under control. One such example is Herpes, although incurable Herpes can be treated. STDs like ChlamydiaGonorrhea and many other diseases can be treated with antibiotics given either orally or by injection. There are many doctors, web portals or sites out there which can guide you about the treatment given for STD. Emergency std treatment is also available in hospitals and std treatment centers. So the treatment must be immediately started before the STD bacteria or virus could do any severe damage. Also, learn what happens if std is not treated

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Tell your future partner

It is difficult but it is necessary. Your partner deserves to know your sexual history, likewise, you deserve to know his/her when (or before) you started having sexual intimacy, it’s the conversation every couple needs to have. You’ ll be doing a favor to yourself and your partner by bringing up and revealing history of your sexual health.


Emergency STD treatment

Mostly during an outbreak or at the peak stage of an STD, the patient may ask if they can be treated for STDs at an emergency room. The answer to this question is yes. But while most of the Emergency room require a positive test result before they administer any type of STD treatment.

A study was conducted by St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center suggested antibiotics are being overprescribed to emergency room patients being suspected of being suffering from STDs.
But was later found that three-quarters of patients treated this way in ER, didn’t actually had STD.Antibiotics are often prescribed as a precaution but the result when a genital culture is being taken takes time to confirm STD. This has been concluded to be one factor in the increase in antibiotic-resistant chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. So to conclude Emergency STD treament can only yield result when the presence of STD is confirmed, or else it would be a risk.

Always practice safer sex


Practice Safer Sex, as prevention is better than cure. Practice the Following preventive tactics

  • Always Use condom while having sex: Although condoms are not full-proof, they can provide a protection from STDs to a certain level.
  • Delay sexual activity until you’re prepared, both physically and emotionally.
  • Limiting your sex partner also limits your chances of being contracted from STD.
  • Know your partner’s sexual history
  • Ask your potential sex partner to get tested for STD