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Teen STD & Confidentiality: How to get tested without your parents knowing?

STDs are common, especially in the younger generation. There are about 20 million cases registered in USof STDs each year in the United States, and about half of these are in people between the ages of 15 and 24(teen STD patients). Thus the teens with STD rate is growing.

In fact, STD percentage is higher (more than 65%) below the age group of 35 years.

Teen STD facts

Teenage STD rate is increasing more than ever due to the following reasons:

1) Teenage girl’s body is biologically more prone to STD.

Experts say that young women are particularly vulnerable to STD because they are sometimes being persuaded not to use condoms. ‘Many studies have shown that young adults are more likely to have unsafe sex and often they lack the skills & confidence to negotiate safer sex.’

2) Teenagers do not get the recommended STD tests.

In the study conducted by CDC on 3953 adolescents and young adults, in a teenage STD, statistics it was found that the 42 percent — of those who had sex and had not been tested for disease thought they were not at risk. “Misunderstanding of risk and lack of access to care” are recognized barriers to testing.

3)Many adolescents and young adults feel hesitant, so they are reluctant to talk to doctors & nurses about their sexual life

Teenagers are found to be bashful when it comes to asking questions about sex and health. The condition is so worst that many doctors aren’t asking teenagers about sex or sexuality, and those who do are spending just 36 seconds on the topic, on average. That’s not enough time to discuss STD, birth control let alone sexual orientation, dating and STD prevention.

4) No access to insurance or transport can add up to the problem among teens.

This may be due to the patient’s age where he has limited access to money and probably not covered under any health insurance for STDs. Many STDs are asymptotic and therefore it is also difficult to know for an adult if he/she is suffering from one, let alone the teens to find that out.

5) Multiple Sex Partners is becoming a common reason for teen STD.

Sexually transmitted diseases in adolescence are also on the rise due to the lifestyle of today’s generation, where having multiple sexual partners, Increase in use of Dating apps for casual sex is becoming prevalent. Multiple partners lead to a Casual relationship, hookups and thus increases the chances of getting contracted by STDs.

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How to get tested for STD without your parents knowing?

At times, shit happens!! So to come out clear of it, we need to be very sure if we are not contracted. It is way too difficult when you are a teenager as you need to explain the whole situation to your parent/guardian etc.

So here are few ways you can get tested without your parents knowing

1)In most states, once you are 13, you can get checked and tested for STDs without a parent’s involvement: check this center out

2)Many family doctors and pediatricians would agree to treat their teen patients confidentially. So approaching your own doctor for testing and treatment can be an alternative

3)You can get tested for STDs at a health clinic like Planned Parenthood.

4)In some schools too, health clinics are being run during their school hours and there they have confidentiality clause (but please ask beforehand, just to be sure)

5) You can find other providers in your area through the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.