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Is it possible to get STD from sex toys? How to clean the sex toys ?

There are some who love to explore different things while having sex. Sex toys are the friendly companion for these people. There are different types of sex toys available in the market. Using a sex toy while having sex with your partner always gives an added trust. But is it possible to share an STD from a sex toy?? How safe is it to use a sex toy while having with your partner?


Let’s get to answering it. Technically, the answer is yes, because STDs transmitted through bodily fluids like vaginal fluids and semen. So, for instance, if you have a dildo which could penetrate your partner and then if it comes out of their body, filled with their bodily fluids and then theoretically you stick it in yourself. That’s the point when you or your partner can transmit STD.

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Although there are several factors which play role in the transmission of the STD. The most important factor is for how long does the bacteria remain alive on the sex toy after it is taken out from the body. Research proves that although the bacteria could not survive long on the sex toy once it is taken out but the risk of contracting an STD still remains. Thus it is suggested to get tested for STD even when using sex toys with your partner.


Which STDs can transfer from sex toys?

Everything from HPV to gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and even HIV can be transferred by sharing a sex toy. A person is in threat of contracting these mentioned diseases as they can possibly transfer through a vaginal fluid or bodily fluid. And if bodily fluids or blood are on the toy, syphilis and hepatitis C can be transferred.

It just doesn’t end here, bacterial vaginosis which is a disorder linked to an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina can be transferred through sex toys.


How to protect yourself from possible contracting from STD through sex toys?

As it is quite evident that, sharing a Sex toy can put you on possible risk of contracting an STD. The best way is to not to share the Sex toy with your partner or have each for an individual.

Keeping your sex toy clean helps not only to kill the germs and bacterias but also puts the risk of STD contraction to rest. There are several steps to keep your sex toys clean,


How to keep your sex toys clean in order to protect yourself from getting contracted from STD?

Following steps can be followed to keep your sex toys clean and hygienic

Step 1 : Identifying the material of the sex toy: It could be a plastic or glass or silicon. The need to know the material of your toy is to find out if it is porous. For example, a hard plastic used in dildo is the most porous of all material used in making a dildo.

Step 2: Prepare your cleaning material: Get an antibacterial product or any product dedicated for cleaning the sex toy. You’ll need a warm soapy water and some hot water. If you have a dishwasher (optional) well and good.

Step 3: Washing sex different types of sex toys:

*Note: Don’t turn on the sex toys (applicable for electronic sex toys) while cleaning them up

a) Washing or Cleaning a hard plastic dildo sex toy: There should be special care taken while washing this type of sex toy as it is porous to keep it clean because the bacteria can collect in the plastic even after you’ve washed it with soap and water.

So, first of all, wash it with warm soapy water, and being careful because this toy is not waterproof. If the battery goes in the bottom water will get in here and it’s going to ruin your toys.

Then wipe the product with your warm soapy water clean it really well all the way down to the face of it. Its ok to use a damp rag, you’re not going to get water into the base because of waterproof thing.


Next, you’re going to take a towel and dry this off and then you are going to spray on your antibacterial products like the ammonia superior insane misting toy cleaner. So, you’re going to spray this on these hard porous materials Spray the anti-material after washing the toy with soap and let that air dry for a moment.

You can clean off the antibacterial product using a towel or clean cloth, the one which you sprayed in the previous step.

b) Washing or Cleaning a glass or steel dildo sex toy :

They are the most simple to keep clean and to keep all the bacteria away from them. So simply with the glass or steel sex toys you’re going to want to use your boiling water.

Place your glass or steel toy into the boiling water for approximately 10 minutes. Let it boil or of course with glass, you can also use your dishwasher (optional).  With it, the hot steam will sanitize it and clean it just fabulously.

You would do the same with any sort of Steel or glass toys steel toys could be clean the same way by boiling them or putting them in the dishwasher.

Let these air dry after boiling or putting in the dishwasher.

You can clean off the antibacterial product using a towel or clean cloth, the one which you sprayed in the previous step.


c) Washing and cleaning Silicone sex toys

Well, they are the most preferred types of sex toys these days, maybe because of how silicon toys perform the act or maybe because of the silicone material itself.

You cannot put this in boiling water, you cannot put this in the dishwasher. So How to clean Silicone sex toy??  But remember, for some, silicone sex toys the electronics part cannot be submerged or immersed in water. Having said that you need to clean them using water but in a slightly different way.


Take a damp cloth or in a dip it in our stuff used to be soothing warm water. Dip it a little bit to get look extra wet and wash down has to not get any soap or water into the battery compartment. Washed it with warm soapy water let it dry off with a clean dry towel.

Spray on some more antibacterial product, Wipe it again, clean off the antibacterial product and that’s it!! later you can clean off the antibacterial product using a towel or clean cloth, the one which you sprayed in the previous step.

While above is the solution for other sex toys, some silicon sex toys are safe, not prone to deposits collected on its edges and are waterproof so that you can clean it without having to worry about the electronics.