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9 Natural Homemade medicine to treat Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease STD it is caused by any bacteria belonging to chlamydia.This virus is found to be present naturally found in human cells although the disease is not fatal it can affect the fertility of the eggs and in rare cases it can even affect the eyes of the newborn the disease can cause infection of the uterus in women and in cases of men it can infect the urethra the infection is normally treated with antibiotics at the same time herbal remedies are also found to be effective in curing this ailment five essentials treatments for chlamydia. Portable STD tests are available to detect STDs like Chlamydia. Following is the list of 9 natural ways you can treat yourself during chlamydia to make you feel better.


garlic has antibacterial properties garlic extract can be applied externally to the affected part while doing so do not apply it on the open sores as it may cause a burning sensation external applications should be done at least twice a day garlic can be taken internally as well if you do not like the taste of garlic take two garlic capsules per day continue with this treatment for about a week

Echinacea tea

Take a few leaves of echinacea dry the leaves and powder them heat one glass of water and put 2 teaspoons of this powder and boil the contents for about 5 minutes allow the powder to stain for about 5 minutes if you prefer add half a teaspoon of ginger paste and mix the contents thoroughly. Take this preparation at least twice a day. Continue with the treatment for six days.

Treaty oil

This oil is available in most of the medical stores take about 1/2 teaspoons of treaty oil and diluted by adding an equal quantity of lukewarm water apply it on the affected part twice a day for quick relief prepare tree tea and add some ginger paste and drink this preparation twice a day normally within 3 to 4 days you will find substantial relief from chlamydia


This is an effective home remedy to treat chlamydia. Also, burning sensation and itchy sensation is reduced immensely with yogurt.
Consume yogurt in any form as a part of your diet to safeguard your body and to get immediate relief from this disease.

Turmeric milk

Make sure that you take in a glass of warm milk mixed with turmeric powder at night, before retiring to bed. This will help to cleanse
your body gently and remove all the germs and viruses in your body. This is an excellent home remedy as it acts as a detoxifier.

The presence of curcumin in turmeric offers excellent immunity to the body which fights with the free radicals in your body and defeats it. Turmeric can also be applied on the affected area, directly,


Nothing cleanses your body better than water. This elixir of life is essential as a home remedy as it is very effective in treating this medical condition caused by chlamydia. Make sure you mix a quarter teaspoon of salt for every glass of water as it has the ability to flush out the toxins from your body. Remember to drink about 12 glasses of water per day to ease all the complications associated with this condition

Antioxidant-rich foods

They include foods rich in Vitamin C. antioxidant-rich food. Vitamin C rich foods are rich in vitamin and antioxidants which improve immunity and reduce the chlamydia infection. These include fruits like orange lemons sweet lime Amla etc.

Diets rich in alkaline

Foods which are rich in alkaline contents act by reducing the blood and vaginal pH levels. Low pH levels help the bacteria to grow fast and thrive therefore an alkaline pH is beneficial for chlamydial infection.
These foods include whole grains beans leafy vegetables almonds cinnamon ginger mustard rock salt etc

Green leafy

Vegetables and fruits leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are rich in fiber content. Vitamins phytonutrients which improve the body’s overall immunity levels. Eating a well-balanced diet regularly which includes all the essential nutrients and micronutrients in required amounts maintains the immunity levels. This will do both prevent infections and helps in quick recovery.

Bonus tip: Things to avoid

Reduce intake of sugary foods and red meat food items that are high in sugar. Sugar content act as a catalyst for chlamydia infections also, some foods like red meat processed flour refined and processed foods junk foods etc. will make the infection even more severe. Therefore it is best to avoid the consumption of such foods and accept healthy food practices in day to day.
Similarly, avoid smoking and drinking. Smoking or regular consumption of a high quantity of alcohol makes the existing infection even more extreme and Also, increases its symptoms it also alters the activity of supportive medicinal treatments hence it is advised that such practices must be avoided.

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