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Find a walk-in STD clinic near me !

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Here we help you find STD Testing Center near your home and get discreetly tested for STD for your peace of mind. We also have Partnered with more than 4500 STD Testing clinics across US. Some of our associate centers provide STD Testing using Insurance. We offer Same Day testing & it takes less than 15 minutes.


Follow the 3 Steps Take control of your Sexual Health Before its too late !!

Know your Test

Based on symptoms, know which test you should go for.

Where to get tested ?

Choose from our 4500 STD testing centers & give your blood or urine samples in a 15 mins process

Fast Results

Get your Test results in 2-3 days

Find STD testing locations near you

Where to get tested for STD?

Safe and Affordable STD Clinic near me

“Observing some weird stains, followed by rashes around my privates. The first thought that struck my mind was “Am I infected with STDs?” “will I be able to have a normal sex life”, “am I not putting my partner’s health at risk”. I immediately went for an STD test and was relieved to know the negative test result, now that I encourage everyone to get tested for STD”

Sarah (name changed) was one of the few lucky ones to have got away without being infected. Not all rashes are STDs. Getting tested for STD, immediately on observing initial symptoms is necessary for the following reasons, as :

  • Not every STD exhibit symptoms
  • Quick detection, leads to quick treatment
  • Some STDs are life threating or can cause permanent loss if treatment is delayed
  • Risk of transferring STD
  • To regain your Peace of mind

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“It was my first experience of getting tested for STD. I was totally blown away by the pain-free STD testing experience “

Amanda, a teenager

“I was worried about, the privacy. Relieved to be tested (negative) in just 15 minutes with no personal questions being asked”

Sarah, a single mother

Accurate test results. I am very thankful that my Chlamydia was detected at early stage, so we began the treatment on time”

Ron,  a Former Patient

Why choose us?

We believe the search for STD testing center should be safe, private, affordable and easy, for this purpose we have taken following steps just for you.


Absolutely Confidential, Private FDA Approved Tests


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One Day STD Testing, 15 mins Test Time


No Pain, only Urine sample


Get test Result in 2 days or less

Never be Embarrased again



What is an STD?
STD stands for Sexual Transmitted Diseases, it is basically an infection which transfers from one person to another through sexual contact.According to CDC’s report on STD testing, There are around 8-10 commonly known STDs. Symptoms of some are visible in the form of warts, discharge from privates, painful urination etc. while do not exhibit any symptom. Similarly, some STDs are curable while some are incurable.
When should I get tested for STD?
Is your body showing any symptoms?

Are you sexually not active?

The answer will always be ‘yes’ even if you are don’t have an active sexual life. There are many STDs spreads by means of non-sexual activity. For instance, Herpes patient can infect anyone by mere physical contact. So you can never be sure.

Are STD Testing expensive?
There are two options for STD testing and they are

  1. Free STD testing
  2. Paid STD testing

Paid service starts from as low as $24, although paid it is confidential, your data is secure and not sold anywhere with other advantages including a faster report, pain-free test (only urine test, no swabbing),  minutes to test, walk-in STD clinic, confidential testing etc.

Where to get tested for STDs for Free?
Yes, there are certain government aided organizations, which provides free STD testing or at a reduced price if you have health insurance options. They include the likes of and Planned parenthood. Compare the benefits of Free vs Private STD testing before you jump you deciding the types of tests.
How much does it cost to get an STD test?
It can be as low as $24 to start with a reliable private STD testing center, for a single STD test. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor could prescribe you the series of tests which may be for more than one STDs. Thus, the STD panel tests comes in handy. It covers series of STD with similar symptoms, all this at a discounted rate.
Where do you go to get tested for STDs?
There are several options availability, you can get tested for STD in a community health clinic like the Planned Parenthood organization. There is also an option of getting tested for Free using CDC’s affiliate centers. Another option is to use your insurance to get tested for STD. Private STD testing option is the best when it comes to Privacy, discreetness, confidentiality and saving your precious time. Some Private STD tests require just 15 minutes of your time.
Are STD tests covered by Insurance?
Yes, STD tests are covered by insurance and this number is depending on how comprehensive your insurance coverage is, having said that Not all insurance companies will pay for it. Check out the procedure for getting tested for STD using your insurance
When should I get tested for STD, if I have unprotected sex over the weekend ?
Roughly 1 to 2 weeks after you had sex and worried about HIV or STD, then again after 90 days. Different STDs have a different incubation period. Disease like Chlamydia can be detected in 1-2 weeks, whereas the incubation period of Gonorrhea is usually 2 to 5 days. But sometimes symptoms may not develop for up to 30 days. In case of HIV it’s more complex. So to cover all, test 1 to 2 weeks after you had sex then again after 90 days..
What are the different types of samples required for different STD?
Although, most of the STDs can be detected using Urine test. The answer to the type of sample, depends on the type of STD. For example, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the bacterial STD, these diseases can also be detected using traditional swab test.(they use urine test almost everywhere). Some are STD viral, they can be detected using a blood sample, they include HIV, Herpes and HPV can also be detected using blood samples. To know more on types of samples required for STD test
When should you get tested for different STD?


  • Detection time: 1 to 5 days
  • Detection Period: Within the first week Most Likely Detection – 2 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 4 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: 2 weeks


  • Detection time: 2 to 7 days
  • Detection Period: – Within the first week; Most Likely Detection – 1-2 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 2-3 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 2-3 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: 2 weeks


  • Detection time: 3 to 6 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection – 3-4 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 6 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 12 Week
  • Re-test required after treatment: 12 weeks

Hepatitis A

  • Detection time: 2 to 7 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection: 2-3 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 3-6 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 6-7 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a lifelong period

Hepatitis B

  • Detection time: 3 to 6 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection – 3-6 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 6-10 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 12 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a lifelong period

Hepatitis C

  • Detection time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection – 7-8 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 6-9 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 10-12 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a lifelong period

HIV (antibody test)

  • Detection time: 4 to 12 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection – 4 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 4-6 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 12 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a lifelong period

HIV (RNA test)

  • Detection time: 9 to 11 days
  • Detection Period: – Highest Accuracy –  9 to 11 days
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a a lifelong period

Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 (HSV1, HSV2):

  • Detection time: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Detection Period: – Possible Detection – 2-4 Weeks; Most Likely Detection – 6-12 Weeks; Highest Accuracy – 12-16 Weeks
  • Re-test required after treatment: Not required, the virus remains in the body for a lifelong period
Which are the incurable STDs?
STD like Herpes, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are the STD which cannot be cured. That doesn’t means its a death sentence. These diseases can be treated using modern day medicines and treatment.

STD testing near me

Herpes HSV 1 (Oral)

Symptoms:  Blister or multiple blisters    on or around affected areas inside the mouth on the lips around the lips

Herpes HSV 2 (Genital)

Symptoms: The infected person may have cold sores or a rash around the genitals area


Symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes, extreme tiredness, weight loss, fever night sweats


Symptoms: Itching or burning around vagina/penis, Abnormal vaginal/penile discharge, bleeding between periods, fever, Pain while having sex & urinating


Symptoms: Pain in lower abdomen,  pelvis, testicle, or vagina, painful intercourse or urination, abnormal vaginal, penile discharge, fever etc.


Symptoms: This occurs in three stages the primary stage includes hard painless Sore in early stages in or around the mouth.

Hepatitis B

Symptoms: Jaundice, whites eyes,    orange tint urine, light-colored stool fever, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms

Hepatitis C

Symptoms in case of Liver damage  Jaundice, Stomach ache, Loss of appetite, nausea, lethargic,fever.

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Why Choose us?

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Your Privacy is our foremost concern

All our 4500 + testing Centers comply strictly to the norm set by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rules. Thereby setting the standard for protecting sensitive data as the host complying with HIPAA, they must have certain administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service.

Web security

Complying to the strict HIPAA norms there is a 128-bit encryption and the HL-7 interface which is used to transmit health data between testing labs. It is being used to share Health care data in a secure manner.

Email Privacy

No communication via email and no email data sharing with anywhere STD Testing will never show up in any email communications It won’t be visible in the subject line of any email either.

Confidential Billing

Our website name or Company name will not appear in any transaction / communication or credit card statement. We value your privacy billing will be done by APG Services or FPK Services, the company that provides the testing.

Private Result

When test results are in, you’ ll receive email from our partner website, but email won’t have your test result. It will have instructions to log in to your private, password protected account where you can access your test results securely.