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Chlamydia home remedies are as follows

1) Cat claws (acacia leafs), is the suggested remedy for Chlamydia, it boosts the immune system of the body. Due to its anti-fungal  & antibacterial properties, it is suitable for treatment of this STD. Consumption of 500mg of its supplement, 3 times a day is suggested daily until the infection is completely eradicated.


*not suggested for pregnant ladies

2)  Other herbal medicines includes Scute & Coptis. It is a blend of 4 different bacteria-killing herbs. It can be used to clear the bodysuffering from Chlamydia bacteria, but under expert’s supervision.

Gonorrhea home remedies are as follow

1) There are some herbs mentioned in Ayurveda which can help you treat Gonorrhea. Vasthya Mayantaka, Ghrita, Vanga Bhasm, Rasakarpooradi Rasa, Awala, and Chandanasava can help people living with chronic gonorrhea to fight the STDs. We understand, these names are difficult to pronounce, so one shall forget about finding it in US. So we have a home made solution of

Acacia leaf(mentioned above) is one of the very first recommended herbal treatments for gonorrhea.

2) To get some (temporary) relief from the pain, apply yogurt, it may help healing because of its nature.

3) Echinacea plant comes from US, Canada and it has purple flowers. It builds immune cells and increases activity level, mobility, and increasing phagocytosis rate, thus ideal for home treatment of gonorrhea.

4.) Tea tree oil : mix three drops of the tea tree oil with three drops of coconut oil and put on the fresh bandage.


Tea tree oil

5)Consume garlic rich food in abundance when suffering from Gonorrhea

6)Application of Aloe vera (gel), it can be a good fighter of gonorrhea, beside improving the immunity, Aloe vera of barbadensis milla kind is the best suit.



7) Make a mixture of organic apple cider vinegar with some drops coconut oil.


8) Honey is the best natural and alternative treatment for Gonorrhea


9) Consumption of Gold seeds and juice of  Guyabano fruit, Citric fruits, and maize will also provide the necessary relief.


Herpes home remedies are as follow

1) Herpes has the attribute of affecting the skin, with sores, itchiness and inflammation can be very uncomfortable. Tea can be the best homemade solution for Herpes. Tea has tannin and other antioxidants. Brew bags of tea, let them cool down then apply it to the genitals.

2)Ice cubes can be a relief from itching and inflammation during genital herpes


Ice cubes

3) Similarly, sprinkling some baking soda into the wounds, sores, or affected areas caused by herpes, genital,  to soothe itchiness & inflammation.

4)Consuming peppermint tea also helps with the pain caused by herpes blisters.

5)Avoid mushrooms and bread and other yeast product, as it may cause outbreak of herpes

6)Lysine, a natural supplement. It is available in any health food stores, it has amino acids in it which is much needed during the herpes outbreak, consumed with meat and legumes.

*doctors consultation is recommended before the consumption of Lysine as its overdose can be very harmful

Syphilis home remedies are as follows

1)Syphilis being a disease caused due to virus requires different treatment, compared to most of the other STDs. The patient should take a douche with tea tree oil, which in turn removes the burning & itching sensation, provides an effective relief from the symptoms of syphilis, while the disease itself requires a special attention

2) Consumption of leaves, bark, root, and fruit of Suma. This one is probably because of its antibacterial property. Found mostly in South America, it not only combats the STD but also improve the immune system.

3)Baking Soda may help soothe inflammation and itchiness caused by syphilis. Even cornstarch has the same property, thus it can be replaced with baking soda for syphilis treatment.

4)Herbs that can be effective remedy during Syphilis are Andrographis,Astragalus,Banderol,Blood,root,Blue flag,Burdock root,Caraway seeds,Cat’s claw,Cloves,Coccinia,Dandelion root,Echinacea,Elderberry flowers,Fagara,Ginger Thomas,Gotukola,Japanese,knotweed,Land caltrop,Linden,Liquorice root,Mandrake Moringa,Nasturtium,Olive leaf extract,Oregon grape root,Phyllanthus amarus,Pine needle tea, Plantain, Poke root, Prickly ash, Red clover, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Stephania root, Suma, Yellow dock.

Trichomonas vaginitis home remedies are as follow

The fact that milk thistle is rich in silymarin, a natural ingredient with the ability to get rid of Trichomonas vaginitis makes it ideal for dealing with this STDs.

Genital warts homemade remedies as follow

1)Place the inside of the banana skin over the wart & cover it with a bandage.

2)Apple cider vinegar with soaked cotton ball on warts for relief

3)Rub freshly cut potato / Rub castor oil  several times during the day till, at least a month to see results

4)Take one fig leaf & apply the milk or sap from the leaf to the affected areas. Do this twice daily until the wart disappears.

General STD Home remedies (Applicable to all STDs)

1)Vinegar or Lime Juice dipped cotton balls, dab gently on the affected areas. This method helps in healing, besides providing relief from the pain caused by STDs.

2)Apply Ice for Genital Herpes & warts. One should not over do this as over exposure of ice to genitals or sensitive parts are not good

3) After brewing a black tea bags and letting it cool down you can apply it on surrounding area.


Tea bags

4) Garlic : A perfect dietary remedy to cure STD, as its property of being antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Chewing clove with fresh garlic once in a day can prove very effective relief from STD.

5) Tea tree Oil : Like garlic, Tea tree oil contains powerful antibacterial properties applying it on the infected area can bring instant relief. Besides syphilis,  it can also be used to cure chancroid and other forms of STD.

The above methods can really be effective in providing relief, but they don’t substitute modern day treatment by any means. Treatment from a doctor, after getting tested positive  (Find STD testing near me ) is a must. The home remedies are there to give you instant relief and some help in healing, while some also increases immunity, so for the best results STD treatment with home remedies can really prove effective.