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STD Prevention

Although symptoms are preliminary signs of any STD. These symptoms are the best indication or alarming signals to give yourself chance to get diagnosed or to opt for treatment without letting the disease do much harm.  This blog is an attempt not just to create awareness about the testing centers near you, but it is also about making people aware of the preventive measures and treatments and procedures to the ultimate cure.


Following are the Symptoms, Testing, Treatment and Preventive measures for diseases.


How to prevent STDs after exposure?

Above is a common question from a disturbed cloy, everything happens in the heat of the moment, but realization happens after the heat recedes. There are several ways to tackle this situation.

  • Not to panic
  • Know your partner’s sexual history
  • Emergency STD treatment
  • STD prevention pills

To learn more visit the page how to prevent STDs after exposure


STDs Prevention Pills

Is there any contraceptive or a birth control like pill to prevent STDs? Well although the answer is ‘yes’, it is not so straightforward. You can prevent STD infection after exposure to the diseases, but there are several conditions to it.To learn more visit the page : STD Prevention Pills


Common symptoms of STD

What are some common symptoms of STD?  There are 6 common very commonly found STDs across US. Following is the list of those STDs, their symptoms, prevention methods, and treatment.


A common, sexually transmitted infection that may not cause symptoms.It can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system if not treated on time.…..know more about Chlamydia symptoms and preventive methods



A common sexually transmitted infection marked by genital pain and sores. It is an STD caused by two types of viruses. The viruses are called herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. …….know more about Herpes symptoms and preventive methods



A sexually transmitted bacterial infection that, if untreated, may cause infertility.It may have burning sensation or discharge from genitals etc. ……know more about Gonorrhea symptoms and preventive methods.



Syphilis is a bacterial infection usually spread by sexual contact that starts as a painless sore. It develops in stages is symptoms vary in each stages…know more about Syphilis symptoms and preventive methods


Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B virus causes a serious liver infection and the disease is most commonly spread by exposure to infected bodily fluids. It can be easily preventable by a vaccine.…..know more about Hepatitis B symptoms and preventive methods (visit page)


Hepatitis C

Like Hepatitis B this virus to attacks the liver and spread by contact with contaminated blood; for example, from sharing needles or from unsterile tattoo equipment …….know more about Hepatitis C symptoms and preventive methods.


Prevention is always better than cure get yourself tested in the STD testing center near you


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